11/3/18 Vanguard Board and Member Retreat – HUGE Success!

Vanguard Retreat


We had a terrific Vanguard Retreat at the Delmar Public Library led by our own Geoff Miller!  About 20 Vanguard members, some from the Board and some not, attended from 10 am to 1 pm, having driven through a downpour to get there!

We started with some introductions and personal stories of how we all have become involved with this great organization.  Geoff guided us through a SWOT exercise, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Vanguard.  It was so impressive to watch us all engage and come up with some exciting goals for the year ahead.  Some interesting and creative ideas “bubbled up” in the natural conversation as well.

Geoff will be putting the information together in the days ahead in order to share it with Susan and me and eventually with the Vanguard Board at the next meeting on Monday, November 26th.   Remember that all are welcome, you, your friends and others are truly the FUTURE of Vanguard!  Please join us!  Check out the website for details: Vanguard-ASO.org.  (You can also sign up there for the Millbrook Winery Tour and brunch buffet at the Beekman Arms in Rhinebeck on Sunday, November 18)

Thanks to all of the participants and especially to Geoff for supporting this positive experience on a rainy Saturday in November!  Watch for more information soon!

Being energized,
Marilyn and Susan

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