10/19/2022 – Vanguard Tour of Troy’s Remarkable Tiffany Windows PICS


Tiffany Treasure Troves in Troy

We did a walking tour of the stunning Tiffany Windows in Troy,
A Vanguard-Albany Symphony Orchestra fundraising event

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2022

We made three stops at the Tiffany Treasure Troves in Troy. We learned about the Tiffany process and why there are so many Tiffany windows in the Hudson River Valley and Troy in particular. The walk, relatively flat, was approximately a half mile followed by tea and refreshments at Bard and Baker.

Itinerary: 1:10 We met at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on 3rd St. to sign in.

We toured: St. Paul’s Church, Troy Public Library and Bush Hall
at Russel Sage College until 2:45

Then we gathered for Tea and Refreshments at Bard and Baker.                            501 Broadway, Troy, NY

It was a lovely time together learning, eating, and sipping!


 We thank you all for your terrific support of Vanguard and the Albany Symphony Orchestra!

We would like to share a few pictures here of our lovely afternoon.



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