2/23/2023 Van Gogh Immersive Experience and Lunch PICS

Thursday, February 23, 2023  12:30 PM


TOTAL COST - $65 includes admission, lunch, tip & ASO donation.


The Van Gogh Immersive Experience is a 360 degree visual presentation that will surround you with colorful, moving images from paintings by the master himself.  The show was awarded the best immersive experience by USA Today, and it has been ranked among the twelve best immersive experiences in the world.


A lunch was provided by Bountiful Bread in the Armory Lounge. It is all in the same building!


Here are some pictures of our lovely afternoon at the Armory

QUESTIONS?  Call Anna at (518) 438-1960



Special thanks to Anna Bray for arranging the experience and the lovely lunch.  Anna is also responsible for these photo memories of our enjoyable afternoon!


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