Friday, May 3, 5 pm (Sold Out)

Friday, May 10, 5 pm (Sold Out)

Friday, May 17 (Sold Out)

If you have already purchased tickets to one of these tours, please scroll down for some updated information.

Vanguard Designer Showhouse 2019 is at this incredible home originally constructed by John Tayler, an early Albany Mayor in 1790 and later elected NYS Lt. Governor. There have been additions and interior changes that enhanced the basic structure and added to its fascinating historical significance. Our professional designers will showcase their creative talents during our Showhouse days, April 30 to May 19.

This particular tour, given by the owner, Doug Bauer, will take you through the attic, the hidden places, and the basement. Do you have an interest in seeing the original downstairs fireplace and the foundation? Do you have a curiosity about how servants might have managed this house, serving dinner to Alexander Hamilton in 1804? Would Eleanor have poked around the obscure house corners with her friend, Marjorie Nott, great granddaughter of Eliphalet Nott, inventor and President of Union College? Can you imagine yourself walking on the same wide planked floors that they trod?


These comments are meant to clarify the logistics of the “Behind the Scenes” tour that you will be taking at the Showhouse on an upcoming Friday.    

You are welcome to come during the day on Friday however we wanted to remind you that the doors close for regular visits at 3 pm.  As a ticket holder for the special tour at 5, if you arrive after 3 on the day of your tour, please come to the front door and knock.  One of our docents will be happy to take you through the main house before the special tour at 5 pm. If you still have time or you arrive after 4, you may want to relax up in the café while you wait for the “Behind the Scenes” tour to begin.  We will be selling wine there by the glass up until 4:45.  Small munchies will also be available.  Otherwise, kindly arrive by 4:45 for the big tour!
We look forward to welcoming you to Norman Vale!