Support for the Music Makers

Vanguard provides housing for orchestra members who live out of town. They need a place to sleep after travel and back-to-back rehearsals. Over breakfast the next morning, we learn a bit about music and the lives musicians lead. They deeply appreciate our hospitality.

We prepare finger food for musicians, the conductor, and soloists backstage at concerts, and during the breaks at Tiny Tots concerts.

Vanguard drivers take visiting soloists and composers to and from the airport or train station and their hotel or the rehearsal hall. We prepare a welcome basket for each of these Symphony guests upon arrival.

At concerts, Vanguard serves as ushers along with Palace Theatre ushers. In that capacity, we stuff programs with update sheets or other arts promotional materials. When the house opens for the concert, we answer questions and advise concertgoers about the location of their seats.

On the Friday before each subscription concert, Vanguard hosts an hour-long Concert Prevue at the Albany Public Library. We introduce the conductor, guest composer, and guest artist for the next-evening’s concert. The audience learns of the composer’s inspiration, sometimes the soloist plays an excerpt, the conductor discusses the other works on the program, and everyone enjoys light refreshments.

At the end of the subscription season, Vanguard awards scholarships to two or more Symphony musicians who want to pursue further study (usually during the summer months). The scholarships are underwritten by donations by Vanguard members.

Support for the Symphony Staff

Vanguard helps at the Sunday Symphonies (family concerts) with the petting zoo, distributing premiums, and answering basic questions. We help at Tiny Tots concerts to ensure orderly progress of the many, many little ones from the buses to the auditorium.

Vanguard assists the ASO office staff when they have a major Job and need some extra hands. Sometimes this is a bulk mailing, sometimes phone call blasts, sometimes a special brunch, sometimes the population of a spreadsheet with data.

We greet concert attendees as they arrive. We help them with their Will Call or lost tickets. We answer basic questions (Where is the balcony? Which door do I go in? Is there a restroom on this floor?). We talk with concertgoers at the Symphony table, or sell them a CD.